The logarithm identical to the natural one — англоязычное стихотворение, являющееся поэтическим переводом «Логарифма, ідентичного натуральному». Суть лирики осталась той же: развитие игры слов «натуральный логарифм» (natural logarithm) и «продукт, идентичный натуральному» (nature-identical ingredient).

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I used to hear a rumor, look:
When you are buying mathan[1] book,
Don't be too greedy, pay full price,
Or you'll get rubbish otherwise.

For students who are short of cash
The world proposes much of trash,
And in the studying books on math
Some pseudo-functions can cause mess.

You all know natural logarithm,
That makes a rhyme and fits the rhythm,
And with the number e [2] in base —
But can you find it in this case?

If you buy book on any sale,
The logarithm there — I unveil —
Identical to natural one...
And this is what you have to shun!

The base here differs anyway:
It's two point seven one... Okay!
It's far from being natural log [3]
Like toad from being real frog!

Well, the identity like that
Can surely force you to go mad!
The only thing for science, men,
Is old good function called ln [4].

So don't be greedy, dear friends,
And let best books come to your hands,
Because some digits never could
Make the replacement really good!


  1. «Mathan» is short for «math analysis».
  2. The number e is approximately equal to 2.71828... It is the base of the natural logarithm.
  3. Short for logarithm.
  4. The natural logarithm of x is generally written as ln(x).
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